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Closet Editing with a Wardrobe overhaul


Begin with a wardrobe Edit on what works, what dosen't and what fits your personal style.


Don't be scared or alarmed we can tuck items away for safe keeping and get them out your way for your new amazing look.


Finish this with a personalized electronic photo notebook that we will create for you so you always remember what to wear!




Closet Organization

Having a busy life is like running a marathon: if you don't lay the proper groundwork, you'll never get to the finish line! That's why the need for wardrobe organization has never been greater. Being able to get dressed and leave your home quickly is something we can all relate to, and if we can do it looking like we had an A-list stylist lurking in our closets, even better! Let us  get you started!!!


Wardrobe Styling


Whether your closet is screaming for an overhaul, or you need new threads for a special event, we are here to tackle the task. Many of our services work well in tandem, saving you valuable time and money, and affording you optimal results. 



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